Thursday, 27 February 2014

Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy a Fake Branded Handbag

Many times you may covet a Branded handbag that is out of your price range, but don't run off to the flea market to get a replica. Instead, save your pennies and look for an authentic bag on sale from a reputable retailer. Let's take a look at some of the reasons that you shouldn't buy a fake branded handbag.


Selling fake branded handbags is illegal. Counterfeit bags infringe on the copyright and trademarks of the designer and brand. By purchasing these bags, you are supporting these illegal acts. Instead, put away some money each month into your handbag fund and buy yourself the real thing for special occasion.

Child Labor

Most replicas are produced by organized crime and illegal enterprises. They are made by young children in very poor working conditions. By supporting organized crime, you aren't just supporting and contributing to child labor, but also to their other crimes including human trafficking, child abuse and prostitution.


Most fake bags look cheap. They are made from low quality leather. The colors and dyes are oftentimes uneven. The stitching and general construction are poor. Authentic Brands take pride in their workmanship. Sweatshops don't. Who wants to look like a poser anyway? If you can't afford the real thing, don't buy it.


By purchasing fake bags, you are hurting the designers and the manufacturers. The time, effort and creativity put into producing a bag is extensive, from the initial sketches through the time it goes on the shelves. Additionally, if designers and brands are constantly having to spend money in court protecting their designs, the cost of their bags will rise too. sells on authentic and original Branded Bags

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