Tuesday, 28 January 2014

5 Handbag safety tips for women to avoid snatch thefts

SNATCH thieves lurking on the streets are no longer only eyeing pedestrians and have taken to pouncing on motorists, especially women. Of late, several cases of women drivers falling prey to snatch thefts even in their own cars have been brought to the attention of the Nation. Word has also been going around among offices and communities, while emails and social networking sites are helping the news spread like wildfire.

The culprits, usually a motorcyclist and a pillion rider, tail the driver and snatch items placed inside the car. The attacks are usually launched when the car is stationary by the road side or at traffic light junctions.

There are more unreported cases of snatch thefts happening and women are increasingly being subjected to more danger when out on the street.

Here are some tips to remind ladies on how to handle their handbags to avoid snatch theft cases as much as possible.

1. When driving in the car, whether you are alone or with passengers, do not place your handbag on the passenger seat. It makes you an easy target for snatch thefts as the culprits are known to break the car windows and grab handbags off the seats. The worst part of this happening is not you losing the bag, but you getting hurt in the process as the shattered glass can cause some serious injuries.

So where should you place your handbag or any other bags like a laptop bag? A good hidden place is underneath your car seat. If you are uncomfortable with this idea as it may dirty your bag, you can always put in place a small basket or tray underneath your driver seat and place your handbag on it. As for a laptop bag or a bigger one that does not fit underneath the car seat, it’s best to store them in your car trunk. But do take precaution to always carry your laptop bag with you once you leave the car even if you’re parked at a shopping mall.

2. Try not to carry or wear your bag by slinging the handbag straps across your body. Many people used to advise that this is the best way to protect your bag from being snatched off, but this has proven to be a bad idea in many other cases. If a thief tugs at your bag and yanks at it, you’re likely to fall and suffer injuries instead of being able to win at a tug of war with him!

3. When walking along the streets, wear your handbag on the arm that is away from the traffic. A lot of snatch thefts occur when motorists find an easy target who has her handbag on the side that’s facing the street where it’s just an arm’s length to grab at it. It makes it harder for a passing vehicle to grab a bag that is on the inner side of the road, don’t you think?

4. If you are being mugged, do not struggle and just give your belongings up.  If your bag is being snatched, whether by a culprit on foot or in a vehicle, remember to just let it go and not hold on to it. You don’t want to be dragged on the streets. Many women who have fought back or refused to let go of the bag have suffered some injuries inflicted by the culprits. Some unlucky ones have been killed. Whatever that’s in your bag can’t be worth your life.
If you are faced with a thief demanding for your bag, quickly throw your bag as far away as you can in one direction and you immediately run in the opposite direction, and scream for help too. The thief is more likely to go after your bag than you. But run as fast as you can and not wait for him to grab your bag and come back at you!

5. Where possible, if you can do without your handbag, go without it. If you are just heading to your local grocery store in the neighborhood or taking a walk to lunch nearby your office premises, just bring your purse or a small wrist-let or pouch to store your stuff. However, do take note that even small purses or pouches are not spared from being snatched as there have been incidences where some culprits even managed to snatch purses off women walking along busy streets. So don’t take anything for granted even if you are not carrying your handbag.

Hope the above handbag safety tips have been helpful.
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